Military Provost Staff Corps

unknown year no badge
Soldier Details:
Surname: Wynn
Initials:   J.
Rank:   Private
Army No.:  P/7610
Notes:   MFP. Served Home. He enlisted 19/9/14, 7/1/1915 to Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, No. 3000, age 40.7 years, occupation Labourer, home address: 62 Boyton Street, Off Quarry Hill, Leeds, Yorkshire. 25/5/16 transferred to the East Yorkshire Regiment, 12/2/17 transferred to the MFP. 21/6/17 reduced to Private for misconduct. 20/4/18 transferred fro C area, Paragon Station Hull to D Area Northern Command. 22/5/18 discharged no longer physically fit for war service. He previously served in the 3 West Yorkshire Militia and joined the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, No. 3999 3/12/95, age 18 years, occupation Labourer, born Leeds, 11/4/91 transferred to the Highland Light Infantry, No. 4034. Served Home 4/2/91 to 3/3/96, Malta 4/3/96 to 17/11/96, India 18/11/96 to 23/9/98 discharged medically unfit. 3/12/95 in prison for desertion, 31/12/95 returned to duty. 12/7/13 he married Sarah Ann McGuire at the Registry Office, Croydon. James Wynn. Info from pension index cards:- 28/6/18 discharged, born 1874, married, 3 Little Queens Street, West Street, Leeds, Yorkshire, date of marriage 12/7/13, Soldier died 28/12/20, widow Sarah Ann Wynn. 29/5/18 pension for dyspepsia. 29/12/20 widow received 6/10 per week. Also:- SB.36-W. WIDOWS, W/60. Widow, Wynn, Sarah Ann, husband Wynn, James, MFP, P/7610. Pte, date of death of soldier 28/12/20, 3 Little Queens Street, Sest Street, Leeds, date of marriage 12/7/13, 29/9/21 widows pension 6/10 per week, appeal disallowed by tribunal. Also:- W.1. 4/W/1060. Wynn, James, P/7610, MFP, Pte, DIED 28/12/20 septic pneumonia, cardiac failure. Widow Mrs, S A Wynn, 3 Little Queen Street, Leeds19/4/21 awarded 6/10 per week, 4.MW/1599. Also:- Wynn, James, MFP, P/7610, KOYLI, East Yorks Regt, 4/MW/1599, Stamp: Ad 22/5/18, at 27/6 from 29/5/18 to 16/618, Chelsea no. VV.50.1308, received 22/5/18. File destroyed 4/10/27, DIED 28/12/20. James Wynn.

Decorations/Medals/Awards (1)
  1. Decoration:   Silver War Badge Gazette Date: 1918-05-13 Gazette Issue: WO 329/3243 Gazette Page: List MPC/65
Citation:   Badge No. 393119. Enlisted 19/9/1914, discharged 28/5/1918. Army Order 265 of 1917. Sec D. Age 48years 3months. Served home.