Corps of Military Police

Cap Badge of the Corps of Military Police (King George VI)
Soldier Details:
Surname: Young
Initials:   S.J.
Rank:   Lance Corporal
Army No.:  5503703
Notes:   CMP. POW. Formerly Hampshire Regiment, 3/4/41 transferred to CMP. 6/5/46 discharged. Captured Java, 8/3/1942. Born 29/2/1916, Enlisted 3/3/1941. Home address: 55 Cambridge Road, Aldershot, Hants. Camp: No. 8, Fukuoka, Japan, Capt William, 48 LAA Regiment RA 13/10/1943 till release. From MI9/Jap No. 42119 A. Casualty List 1079, CMP, Netherlands & East Indies, missing, 1/2/1943. Info from Japanese POW card index: Stanley John Young, born 29/2/1916 at 3 Little Wellington Street, Aldershot, Hampshire, address: Mrs E J Young, 55 Cambridge Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, father Jack, mother Elizabeth Jane. Info from POW tracer card held by RMP Museum. Enlisted 15/3/40 in the Hampshire Regiment, transferred to CMP 3/4/41, 6/6/41 (to No1 Depot & Training Establishment 22/11/41), 6/6/41 to 47 Div Pro Coy, later 18 Div Pro Coy, 5/12/41 serial 32133 No. 1 Section K Pro Coy, CMP, reported missing Netherlands East Indies 1/2/43, Part II Order 17/43, Coash. Now reported POW in Japanese at Java Camp, Part II Order 68/43, Coash. Now released 17/10/45, 241/Y. Y(d) (2) list 18/11/45, Y198/45. Y (E) list 23/1/46 Y69/46. He is listed on British POW's held in Japan and Japanese Occupied Territory: 56755, Young, Stanley John, L/Cpl, 5503703, Army, captured 8/2/1942, liberated 2/9/1945, camp FU, Fukuoka, Japan. He is listed on POW transported from Dutch East Indies to Japan: Young, Stanley John, Army, L/Cpl, POW No. 3467, 5503703, 11/9/18. He is listed on Fukuoka, Japan POW Camp Roll, 15/8/1945: Young, Stanley John, Army, L/Cpl, camp No. 30059, 5503703, Java, 13/10/18. Casualty List 1079, Netherlands East Indies, Missing 1/2/1943. Casualty List 1192, Netherlands East Indies, previously reported missing now reported POW, previous List 1079, 1/2/1943. Casualty List 1898, previously reported POW not now POW, Malaya, previous list 1192, corrected by Netherlands, East Indies. Stanley John Young.

POW Details:
Camp: Japan     JAPAN