Royal Military Police

Cap Badge of the Royal Military Police (Queen Elizabeth II)
Soldier Details:
Surname: Young
Initials:   S.
Rank:   Sergeant
Army No.:  23994487
Notes:   RMP. Died 18/5/1973. Cause of death terrorism, Northern Ireland. At the time of death Sgt Young was a helicopter pilot serving with 652 Squadron AAC in Northern Ireland. He had previously served in 7 Armd Bde Pro Unit and 3 Div Pro Coy. He was killed in Omagh with 3 other members of the AAC when a bomb was placed in their car. Born 5/5/1947. Sheridan Young. Extract from the Belfast Telegraph, 18/5/1973. Pilots. All four soldiers who died in the Omagh blast were members of an Army Air Corps squadron and two of them were helicopter pilots. The pilots were Staff Sergeant Arthur Place (29), of the Prince of Wales' Own Regiment and Royal Marine Sergeant Derk Barnard Reed (28), both were married men with homes in the York area. The other victims were Sergeant Sheridan Young (26), of the Royal Military Police, a singe man from Bourne End, Bucks, (Young was a Sgt Pilot) and married man Corporal of Horse Barry Roy Cox (2), from Brooklands, Manchester, a member to the Household Division of the Blues and Royals. With their deaths, Norther Ireland has now claimed the lives of more regular Servicemen than any world trouble spot since the Korean War. A total of 184 regular British soldiers have died. Extract from the Daily Mirror 19 May 1973. Ulster day of terror. Dance - The booby-trap killed the four soldiers as they left a dance at hotel in Omagh, know as Ulster's friendliest service town, on Thursday night. A 25 llb gelignite charge exploded when they opened the door of their car. Army investigators believe that the bomb may not have been meant for them. One of the soldiers had bought the car from a policeman only a few days earlier. The victims of the blast which hurled wreckage for hundreds of yards were S/Sgt Arthur Place, 29, from Pocklington near York, Sgt Derek Barnard Reed, 28 from York, Sgt Sheridan Young, 26, from Bourne End, Bucks, and Cpl Barry Roy Cox from Manchester. All except Sgt Young were married with children. An Army officer said "The bombers set their trap with no regard who they might have killed.

Casualty Details:
Date Killed: 18th May 1973
Company: UNKNOWN
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