Royal Military Police

Cap Badge of the Royal Military Police (Queen Elizabeth II)
Soldier Details:
Surname: Leigh
Initials:   R.C.
Rank:   Lieutenant Colonel
Army No.:  489195
Notes:   RMP. Died 2/2/1997. 18/11/70, Commissioned 15/19 Hussars, 12/8/83 transferred to RMP. 3/6/91 promoted Lt/Col. Born 18/11/1951. Roderick Charles Leigh. Provost Officer. 15/19 Hussars. London Gazette 49496, 12942, 4/10/1983. Corps of Royal Military Police. Regular Army. Capt. R C Leigh (489195) is transferred from 15/19 Hussars to RMP., 12/8/1983. Provost Officer. London Gazette 49897 13950, 16/10/1984. Corps of Royal Military Police. Regular Army. Reg. Commn. The undermentioned Capt. to be Maj., 30/9/1984: R C Leigh, QMG. (489195). London Gazette 52615, 11598, 30/7/1991. Corps of Royal Military Police Regular Army. The undermentioned Maj to be Lt/Col, 30/6/1991: R C Leigh, QGM. (489195).

Decorations/Medals/Awards (1)
  1. Decoration:   Queens Gallantry Medal Gazette Date: 1975-01-21 Gazette Issue: 46470 Gazette Page: 880
Citation:   Cyprus July 1974. Lt Roderick Charles Leigh (489195) 15/19 Kings Royal Hussars. On 20th July 1974, during the fighting between Greek and Turkish Cypriots in Limassol following the landing of Turkish Forces in Cyprus, 3rd Troop, The Parachute Squadron, Royal Armoured Corps, led by Lieutenant Leigh were deployed on the interface between the two factions as part of the British Contingent of the United Nations Forces Cyprus. At about 1030 hours Lieutenant Leigh led his troop along the interface in full view of both sides in order to maintain the United Nations presence, drawing small arms, machine gun and mortar fire fro both sides as he did so. When one of his troop vehicles was damaged by mortar fire, Lieutenant Leigh engaged a dominant Greek-Cypriot machine gun position to allow the vehicle to be withdrawn under escort and as he did so he again drew heavy fire from surrounding Greek-Cypriot positions. Later that morning, during attempts to negotiate a ceasefire, a British Officer, cut off by fire when he attempted to leave the Turkish Cypriot District Office, was eventually evacuated by Lieutenant Leigh who positioned his ferret scout car as near as possible to the office, and then escorted the officer on foot to the vehicle. Throughout this short action both Leigh and the officer were frequently fired upon from several directions by Greek Cypriot National Guards. In order to improve the execution of the ceasefire is was necessary to arrange a further meeting between the District Officer and a United Nations Liaison Officer. Leigh was informed that there was heavy firing in the location of the chosen rendezvous and an alternative rendezvous was to be made. Leigh made three trips in the open, under fire, to arrange the meeting at the new rendezvous. Throughout this action both Leigh and his Non-Commissioned Officer commander of the second ferret in the half troop. were constantly fired upon both during the dismounted sorties and, when mounted in the scout cars. Throughout the day Lieutenant Leigh consistently and coolly exposed himself to fire from both sides but resolutely and courageously continued with his duties until the were thoroughly and satisfactorily completed. His disregard for his own safety was a fine example and his perseverance did much to contribute to the eventual arrangement of peace in the area.
Casualty Details:
Date Killed: 2nd February 1997
Company: UNKNOWN
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