Corps of Military Police

Cap Badge of the Corps of Military Police (King George VI)
Soldier Details:
Surname: Coulthard
Initials:   J.A.R.
Rank:   Lance Corporal
Army No.:  5386215
Notes:   CMP. FSP. Enlisted in the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry later transferred to CMP 31/8/40 transferred to the Intelligence Corps. Shown on casualty list BEF France 1940 POW. Captured at Dunkirk, FSP, POW Camp Stalag 20A Thorn, Poland, POW No. 5202. Shown as Intelligence Corps in CWGC Roll. Died on a forced March in Poland. Died on the line of march from Poland at a barn near Dormitz. He was in an extremely weak condition from dysentery, but the final blow (in my eyes) was a cold bath in the open, carried out by a medical orderly acting on the orders of a German Warrant Officer in charge of the Column Hauptman Mackensen, 1 Company, Landshutz battalion 714 was the officer responsible for the column. Coulthard was buried in Dormitz by four of our men. (Information from a POW liberation report by Irish Guardsman Douglas Burnell who was at Stalag XXA, Thorn from 1943 to 1945. (FROM WWW.WW2TALK.COM/FORUM/PRISONERS-WAR/25743-LONG-MARCH). Coulthard is listed as Intelligence Corps but was Field Security Police, CMP at time of capture. Intellingence Corps formed in July 1940 and came into being in December 1940. See:

POW Details:
Camp: Stalag XX A     POLAND
Casualty Details:
Date Killed: 24th March 1945
Company: FSP
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