Corps of Military Police

Cap Badge of the Corps of Military Police (King George VI)
Soldier Details:
Surname: Coulthard
Initials:   J.A.R.
Rank:   Lance Corporal
Army No.:  5386215
Notes:   CMP. FSP. Enlisted in the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry later transferred to CMP 31/8/40 transferred to the Intelligence Corps. Captured at Dunkirk, FSP, POW Camp Stalag 20A Thorn, Poland, POW No. 5202. Shown as Intelligence Corps in CWGC Roll. Died on a forced March in Poland. Died on the line of march from Poland at a barn near Dormitz. He was in an extremely weak condition from dysentery, but the final blow (in my eyes) was a cold bath in the open, carried out by a medical orderly acting on the orders of a German Warrant Officer in charge of the Column Hauptman Mackensen, 1 Company, Landshutz battalion 714 was the officer responsible for the column. Coulthard was buried in Dormitz by four of our men. (Information from a POW liberation report by Irish Guardsman Douglas Burnell who was at Stalag XXA, Thorn from 1943 to 1945. (FROM WWW.WW2TALK.COM/FORUM/PRISONERS-WAR/25743-LONG-MARCH). Coulthard is listed as Intelligence Corps but was Field Security Police, CMP at time of capture. Intellingence Corps formed in July 1940 and came into being in December 1940. See:

POW Details:
Camp: Stalag XX A     POLAND
Casualty Details:
Date Killed: 24th March 1945
Company: FSP
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