Corps of Military Police

Cap Badge of the Corps of Military Police (King George V)
Soldier Details:
Surname: Walmsley
Initials:   P.
Rank:   Corporal
Army No.:  P/1112
Notes:   MFP. Awarded the 1915 Star, Victory and War Medals. First served abroad (1) France, 11/10/1915 to 9/10/17. 9/10/1917 Died. He was born in Bury, enlisted and resided in Burnley. Killed in Action. No inscription on gravestone. Percy Walmsley. Address: 49 Brenand Street, Burnley. Wife Mary Jane Walmsley. Info from Army Register of Soldiers' Effects, 1901-1929. 9/10/1917 KIA France. 25/2/1918 his widow Jane received £4-05-06 and 1/12/1917 a further £12 war gratuity. Info from Dependant's Pension Card: Percy Walmsley, No. P/1112. MFP, L/Cpl, Dependant Mary Jane Walmsley, 49 Brenand Street, Burnley, Lancashire, mother. 30/4/919 paid 7/- per week. Extract from the Burnely Express, 3/11/1917. Our Fallen Heroes. County Policeman killed. Commanding Officer's and Superintendent's Sympathy's An official communication from the War Office has been received by Mr & Mrs M J Walmsley, 49 Bernard Street confirming the intelligence received in a letter dated 10th October, that Cpl Percy Walmsely had been killed by enemy shell fire the previous day, whilst on duty, about 7.45. He was buried the following afternoon. "His Death" writes Captain Ward, OC of the Mobile Police "was instantaneous. Since he has been with me you son has always carried out his duties in an excellent and very cheerful way, and has the good opinion of the officers and all his men, and they all join me in deep sympathy in your great loss. We shall all miss his cheery ways, and had he lived would have risen in the service. The superintendent of the County Police at Widnes has written expressing his sympathy with the deceased soldier's parents, and informed them that he had resigned from the force for the purpose of joining the Army. Cpl Walmsley who was 34 years of age joined the Army about 2 years ago, and went abroad soon afterwards. He had service of 7 years in the County Constabulary, and was stationed at Church, Lancaster and Widnes, and was highly respected in police circles. He was on leave in September and was then in the best of health. (Article has a small picture of Cpl Walmsley in Police uniform, PC 265.)

Casualty Details:
Date Killed: 9th October 1917
Company: MFP TC COY
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