Military Provost Staff Corps

unknown year no badge
Soldier Details:
Surname: Whitehead
Initials:   H.N.
Rank:   Lieutenant Colonel
Army No.:  123174
Notes:   General List. 1st MID Capt. 2nd MID Jul - Oct 41. DPM 16 Area Middle East. MBE May - Oct 42. From London N22. 2 Armd Div Pro Coy Greece 41. APM 16 Area, Egypt. Herbert Neville Whitehead. Number shown as 146140 in National Archive.

Decorations/Medals/Awards (3)
  1. Decoration:   Mention in Despatches Gazette Date: 1940-12-20 Gazette Issue: 35020 Gazette Page: 7196
Citation:   BEF March to June 1940.
  2. Decoration:   Mention in Despatches Gazette Date: 1942-06-30 Gazette Issue: 35611 Gazette Page: 2854
Citation:   Egypt. Middle East July-Oct 1941.
  3. Decoration:   Member of the British Empire Gazette Date: 1943-02-18 Gazette Issue: 35908 Gazette Page: 861
Citation:   British Troops Egypt. Citation for MBE: This officer has served as APM 16 Area since 15 Oct 41. The period under review has been one of exceptional difficulty for Lt. Col Whitehead. The withdrawal of the 8th Army to the El Alamein line resulted in a vast body of troops and transport coming in or passing through the area, at the same time as reinforcement troops were moving westwards through the area. The situation produced on the one hand grave traffic problems and on the other hand introduced into the area a large body of troops from many diverse units fresh from battle and in some cases disorganised. The problems of both traffic and discipline presented many difficulties. Lt. Col. Whitehead applied his untiring energy and his very intimate knowledge of his profession to the solution of these problems, and the success with which he dealt with them was of high importance both to this area and to Eighth Army. At the same time the routine performance of his normal duties has given me has given me at all times the highest satisfaction. I consider that his services, particularly during this difficult period, fully justify recognition. Comd 16 Area. Lieut-Gen Brisih Troops Egypt. National Archive WO 373/76.