Military Provost Staff Corps

unknown year no badge
Soldier Details:
Surname: Whistler
Initials:   R.J.R.
Rank:   Major
Army No.:  99761
Notes:   Retired Officer III, MOD. RHQ RMP.

Decorations/Medals/Awards (3)
  1. Decoration:   Efficiency Medal (Territorial) 2nd Clasp Gazette Date: 1947-09-12 Gazette Issue: 38070 Gazette Page: 4323
Citation:   T/Capt Ox & Bucks LI. Later RMP.
  2. Decoration:   Efficiency Medal (Territorial) GRI Gazette Date: 1947-09-16 Gazette Issue: 8070 Gazette Page: 4324
Citation:   T/Capt. Ox & Bucks LI. Later RMP.
  3. Decoration:   Member of the British Empire Gazette Date: 1976-12-31 Gazette Issue: 47102 Gazette Page: 17