Military Provost Staff Corps

unknown year no badge
Soldier Details:
Surname: Wythe
Initials:   G.
Rank:   Lance Corporal
Army No.:  P/4230
Notes:   MMP. Formerly Pte. 9 Reserve Regiment of Cavalry, No. 21027. Awarded the 1915 Star, Victory and War Medals. First served abroad (2a) Serbia, 17/9/1915. Shown as (2b) Balkans, 19/10/15 to 17/8/16 and (1) France 5/5/18 on medal roll age B220. Has 2 medal cards 1 x Wythe D Victory and War Medals, 2 x Wythe G 1915 Star. 5/3/19 to class Z reserve.

Decorations/Medals/Awards (1)
  1. Decoration:   Mention in Despatches Gazette Date: 1918-12-30 Gazette Issue: 31088 Gazette Page: 15216
Citation:   France & Flanders. Initial G in this LG.