Military Police Miscellaneous Information

These are highlights extracted from unit war diaries.

Pre WW1, WW1 & Interwar Period

Boer War Letter
MMP MFP Egyptian Campaign 1882-1889
Military Police Standing Orders WW1
Provost Marshals of the BEF
Military Police Standing Orders 1936
Lieutenant Colonel W.V. Moul
Sergeant R. Hall MFP
It Pays To Advertise
The Liberator of Lille
WW1 Miscellaneous
Exposing a Myth
British Army on the Rhine
A New Military Police Corps
Court of Inquiry Gunner Bolton
MFP Training Course
Traffic Control
Prisoners of War
APM Western Command
BEF Murder Suicides
Arthur Pank Murder Trial
Accidental Shooting
Depots, Schools, Training Establishments
Military Police Speed Checks


Military Field Police (FSP)
Normandy Accounts
Operation Plunder - Rhine Traffic Control
Port Provost Companies
Vulnerable Points Companies
Army Form B252 WWII Charge Sheets
Order of Battle & Casualties Normandy 1944
Doc Watson's Diary
World War II Order of Battle
Arnhem Casualties
2 Depot & Training Establishment
Landing Ship Tank (LST) 120
Military Police Insignia
Black Day at Somervieu, Normandy, France
Black Day at Brouai, Normandy, France
Black Day at Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Two Black Days at Antwerp
Coats Mission
Salute The Redcap
A Dunkirk Story
Steel Helmet Insignia
Citations for World War 2
Incident at Bari Docks 1945
SIB Investigation of War Crimes in Italy
El Alamein
Japanese POW Information
Poem from War Diary 331 VP Company
Normandy Casualties 6th June - August 31st 1944

Post War

Police Constable's Intuition Led to Arrest
RMP Radfan
Unknown Shoulder Title
The Red Danube - Vienna Inter-Allied Military Police Patrol
Court of Inquiry 4th March 1946: Attack on CMP Post
Inkerman Barracks
Depot & Training Establishment
Gurkha Insignia
Recruits Best Books



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